Major Sinner Records was set up by its producer Major Sinner in 2011.


The seed to record and produce was planted in his mid teens when he was lucky enough to be offered a free day of recording in a professional studio in Liverpool, along with his school band members.


His love of guitar has always been his driving force and it was his search for high quality guitar backing tracks that finally pressed him to start recording for himself.


Those backing tracks have become world famous with jamming guitarists and are considered to be among the best guitar jam tracks available.


The passion for recording others came about through recording with friends and though  new guitar jam tracks are being made and published it is the recording and producing of new artists and singer songwriters that is the key focus.

A move of location from Wigan to the Forest of Bowland saw Major Sinner without a studio for a couple of years, but now the studio is back and he has rekindled the passion for recording and producing. The new studio is set in the very beautiful Forest of Bowland AONB and is set in idyllic countryside surroundings in the tiny village of Slaidburn.

Major Sinner Records can offer studio and production services to paying artists but prefers to collaborate with artists and singer song writers to create new songs and music through very flexible recording deals.


Major Sinner Records is not trying to be a 'big label' at this stage and does not promise fame and fortune as the label does not yet have a team for management and promotion, however this is something that is being addressed later this year.


What can be offered is studio time, to record new tracks and producing time to mix and master those recordings to commercial standard audio for publishing and airplay etc. As well as the music side of things Major Sinner is also an accomplished photographer and can offer photo shoots and graphic design for album art and general promotion.


The 'contracts' offered by Major Sinner are not a 'tie you in' contract as Major Sinner's offers these services to help you progress with your career in the music industry and in no way would wish to hold anyone back if the offer should come along.


Full details can be gained by contacting


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